• Environmental Policy Programme

  • Our Approach

    Feko Commercial Solutions is committed to minimising the adverse effects on the environment. Feko’s people, manufacturing facility, products and services are always searching for innovative ways to look after the environment.

    Feko’s environmental policy includes Recycling, purchasing recycled office supplies and the reduction in electricity usage where possible.

    Feko’s Environmental Program has a clear, decisive perception including an extensive approach, with the goal to eliminate the negative environmental impact of our products and services.

    Feko control a multi-disciplinary team of staff who implement and evaluate all of our environmental activities.

    While we believe that there have been advancements in our products and processes, we understand that there is still a way to go in achieving our environmental goals and we are devoted to permanent improvement.

  • Our Aims

    Our aims for cutting down our environmental impact are not modest. Some are short-term goals, some are long-term yet they are all equally important to us in our efforts to achieve reasonable outcomes.

    Some of our current key aims are:

    Increase of Recycling – Feko have recently upgraded to larger recycle bins for plastics, metals, cardboards and have reduced the size of our general waste bins.

    Reduce Energy Usage – Feko are implementing an initiative which will encourage the reduction of energy use:

    • Simple, effective, switching off lights and appliances in areas such as offices, kitchens and bathrooms which are not in high use.
    • Consideration of quantity of printers per office.

    Recycled and Recyclable Office Supplies – Feko are aiming for all our office supplies to be either made from recycled materials or those that can be recycled at end of life.

    Recyclable and Recycled Packaging – Feko use recycled cardboard and plastic for our products. All our packaging is returned from site, re-used and recycled at end of life.

    Transport and Project Delivery – Feko are investigating the best way to lessen energy consumption and emissions with regards to the transport and project delivery of our products.

  • Our Services

    Feko have come up with a range of services (project management, project advice, installation assembly, maintenance) since being in business.

    At Feko we understand that services are a major component of the commercial office fit-out industry. We offer a range of product extension services.

    Traditional Services – Product Function Services – Feko’s responsibility to quality and durability represents our expertise in the following areas:

    • Project Advice
    • Project Management
    • Installation – Assembly
    • Maintenance
    • Workplace relocation
  • Our Product

    The team at Feko understand that design is the stage at which consideration of the environment is most important. The staff at Feko commercial solutions produces products that combine better materials and can be managed at a products end-of-life phase.

    Feko involves the team in regards to the product’s life cycle from manufacture, delivery and installation.

    Feko sets goals to improve products in functionality, selection of materials, removal of toxic and harmful substances and end-of-life product management.